I aspire to be a serial entrepreneur.  Serial in the fact that I want to set ’em up, place ‘em on auto pilot, and move on to the next adventure.  Many call me scatter brained, impractical, and a dreamer.  I prefer to call myself a thinker, a multi-tasker, and a visionary.  I will agree, however, that I am also the serial planner.  I feel like I have been reading, tinkering, internet searching, and jotting down ideas for the last 10 years (at least).  In the end, I know that these things have done nothing but prepare me for the empire that I am destined to build.  I also know that I know need to begin the implementation phase.

This blog serves as a place to chronicle my journey as an aspiring serial entrepreneur.  I am excited to share my ideas, experiences, and learnings along the way.  I would like to welcome you to comment and share your ideas as well.


Happy Sharing!


Brandi L. Spencer