Do you have a masterpiece or talent to share with the world? Do you want customers anxiously awaiting your products launch?

The topic of gaining customers and increasing sales are always hot topics of discussion. The only way to gain customers is for them to know that you exist. One way for this to happen is through a strong online platform. A platform is a network of people who are interested in your business niche.

How do you do that? You create content that draws them to you. You create an online presence that draws readers to your webpage that you have crafted specifically for them. On the website, you offer information and a place for readers to communicate as well as products and services that you have developed to solve their unique problems.

What does the content look like? Content created for your readers (potential customers) can come in a variety of forms. Articles, blog posts, videos, internet radio shows, interviews ….. You are truly only limited by your imagination and budget.

What do you talk about? Topics that your customer is interested in! Share your opinion on issues that your target market is interested in. Share articles and information that will help them. Interact with your readership, give then what they want, and sprinkle in a little of what they need.

How do you get started? Start a blog or website to house your information. Check out Go daddy for cheap pages and domain names. After it’s created, come back to the comment section and let us know how to find you, as well as a little about your business. As others post you can contact those blogs/sites that are similar to yours and reach out. Share content, links, promotions and contests. Build a network that you can leverage to get your name and face out there. (Please don’t get too spammy.)

When you are ready to launch, you will have a network of people who need your product or service on speed dial.  You can build the anticipation for the launch with interviews, virtual tours, and videos that get your customers educated about product/service.  With a well cultivated platform established, you can eliminate the salesy pitches and focus on providing your customers with products that will improve their lives.

It is my vision for to become a community of entrepreneurs that are willing to work together collaboratively for everyone’s common and individual benefit. By truly working together, we can only increase the end result.