Awesome infographics and reflective questions. You could have simply shared the graphic! I think that the questions that are included in this post are powerful too! Being reflective about your current practices is another way to show your everyday power.

In my opinion, the characteristic shown in the graphic also describe the growth and fixed mindsets. Those with a fix mindset are not actively seeking opportunities for learning and growth. This reminds me of people who say that they “hate to read”. That is the most ignorant mess I have ever heard. Think of all of the knowledge that is available to you and I. Pick up a book!!!!! Thanks!

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In this post we will look at the characteristics of Daily Personal Empowerment. This post will help you compare and contrast the characteristics of those who live  life on their terms between those who think and act as if they are powerless.  Everyday Power is necessary for any form of success, maintaining motivation, gaining clarity, demonstrating passion and compassion,  as well as, improved decision making!
Let’s jump right in!
So what exactly is Everyday Power?
When I created My Everyday Power, I wanted to come up with a coaching program and speaking platform that empowers people to take control of their days and their lives. Too often, we play the ‘someday’ game with our biggest hopes and dreams and never end of up taking the small daily actions that will lead us there. Too often, we fumble the opportunity right in front of our face to maximize…

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