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Whether you’re posting a text post, image, infographic, video, or quote post – without an audience, you are just screaming in the wind.

Generating traffic and dedicated readers to your blog or site is a skill that is super important as you build your online platform.  Your readers will form the community that you will create content and marketing efforts for.  Your followers will become the people that you turn to in order to obtain the research for your future products and services.  Your followers will let their co-workers know how much you rock and spread the word about your innovate new service.  In a nut shell: You need people to read your blog! 

Here are five free and easy ways to gain some attention and get your masterpiece in front of your prospective customers.

1. Use Social Media

In 2013, social media may seem to be the most obvious of options to promote your blog.  I have found that most people underutilize the power of Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.  Many people simply post on their timelines and pray that their friends click thru and share with others.

In addition to posting on your timeline, find and join groups where your target audience hangs out.  This is where the prime real estate can be found.  Interact and contribute with these groups to establish you self as an expert.  When appropriate, share articles and posts from your blog that may be relevant or helpful.  Work smarter!  You are now targeting your efforts to a group of people who you know are interested in your particular niche industry or product.

2. Become a Guest Blogger

Creating content for blogs with similar area of focus or target audience is another way to increase the amount of traffic to your blog.  Find blogs with a small to medium readership and check out their content and start to build relationships with bloggers.  How do you do that?  Leave genuine comments where appropriate and become familiar with the blog’s content.  Then, after a few comments and replies from the blogger, ask if they accept guest posts.

If they say yes, send over your best and brightest content that compliments the other sites style and content.  Make sure that your blog contains an image as well as at least one link to some of the content on your blog.  In addition, include a signature line to the bottom of your post that includes a short bio and asks them to visit your blog.  Here is as example.

3. Join Blogging Networks

Join blogger networks such as and to meet bloggers from around the world.  Use the networks to build relationships and possible guest blog opportunities.

4. Create a Multi-Media Platform

Create a wide variety of content for your blog.  You only have a few milliseconds to catch the attention of your potential readers.  Make them count.

Videos are popular and effective way to readers.  Don’t worry about creating Oscar worthy productions when you begin.  Just make sure that you have appropriate lighting and something worth saying.  Another great thing about videos is that when you post them to social sharing sites like Facebook and Vine, they are searchable by search engines.  That means that it is important for you to create tags and keyword phrases that adequately describe the content of your video.

5. Host a Virtual Tour

A virtual tour is the process of a person visits a series of blogs and promotes their business and/or products.  This is a wonderful idea that is a benefit for both the virtual tour hosts as well as those on tour.  The blogs get increased traffic to their sites from the virtual tour’s promotion as well as free goodies and promotional items.  The people on tour get to spread the word about their masterpiece and get their name in front of brand new customers.

Virtual tours are a great way to get your name out into the blogosphere.  Through video and text interviews, online radio interviews, articles, and video commercials virtual tours can turn into a media blitz for your blog and product/service.  Are you interested in hosting a virtual tour?  Click here and register TODAY!


Do you have a masterpiece or talent to share with the world? Do you want customers anxiously awaiting your products launch?

The topic of gaining customers and increasing sales are always hot topics of discussion. The only way to gain customers is for them to know that you exist. One way for this to happen is through a strong online platform. A platform is a network of people who are interested in your business niche.

How do you do that? You create content that draws them to you. You create an online presence that draws readers to your webpage that you have crafted specifically for them. On the website, you offer information and a place for readers to communicate as well as products and services that you have developed to solve their unique problems.

What does the content look like? Content created for your readers (potential customers) can come in a variety of forms. Articles, blog posts, videos, internet radio shows, interviews ….. You are truly only limited by your imagination and budget.

What do you talk about? Topics that your customer is interested in! Share your opinion on issues that your target market is interested in. Share articles and information that will help them. Interact with your readership, give then what they want, and sprinkle in a little of what they need.

How do you get started? Start a blog or website to house your information. Check out Go daddy for cheap pages and domain names. After it’s created, come back to the comment section and let us know how to find you, as well as a little about your business. As others post you can contact those blogs/sites that are similar to yours and reach out. Share content, links, promotions and contests. Build a network that you can leverage to get your name and face out there. (Please don’t get too spammy.)

When you are ready to launch, you will have a network of people who need your product or service on speed dial.  You can build the anticipation for the launch with interviews, virtual tours, and videos that get your customers educated about product/service.  With a well cultivated platform established, you can eliminate the salesy pitches and focus on providing your customers with products that will improve their lives.

It is my vision for to become a community of entrepreneurs that are willing to work together collaboratively for everyone’s common and individual benefit. By truly working together, we can only increase the end result.

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