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The Information Age

1.17.14 Buffett Formula

Story provided by Farnam Street Blog – 

“The best thing a human being can do is to help another human being know more.”
— Charlie Munger

“Go to bed smarter than when you woke up.”
— Charlie Munger

Most people go though life not really getting any smarter. Why? They simply won’t do the work required.

It’s easy to come home, sit on the couch, watch TV and zone out until bed time rolls around. But that’s not really going to help you get smarter.

Sure you can go into the office the next day and discuss the details of last night’s episode of Mad Men or Game of Thrones. And, yes, you know what happened on Survivor. But that’s not knowledge accumulation, it’s a mind-numbing sedative.

But you can acquire knowledge if you want it.

In fact there is a simple formula, which if followed is almost certain to…

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Awesome infographics and reflective questions. You could have simply shared the graphic! I think that the questions that are included in this post are powerful too! Being reflective about your current practices is another way to show your everyday power.

In my opinion, the characteristic shown in the graphic also describe the growth and fixed mindsets. Those with a fix mindset are not actively seeking opportunities for learning and growth. This reminds me of people who say that they “hate to read”. That is the most ignorant mess I have ever heard. Think of all of the knowledge that is available to you and I. Pick up a book!!!!! Thanks!

Seeking Black Female Authors and Poets!!

Fortitude Publications


An new independent publisher is on the scene that is focusing on providing a venue for Black women across the African Diaspora. The publisher is now accecting 2013 submissions and is looking for the following genres:

Urban Fiction



Short Stories




For those of you aspiring authors that dream of being published, Now’s your time to shine. The deadline for submissions is August 31, 2013.

Submission Requirements

Please submit only completed, fully polished manuscripts along with a query/cover letter and synopsis. In the subject line of, please type the manuscript title, your name and the genre of the manuscript. Submissions must include the following and will not be reviewed if any piece is missing:

1. In the body of the email: a brief, introductory query letter including genre, word count and a short description of the book, as well as any pertinent information about the author, including both…

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Miss Mykie

Miss Mykie


By Brandi L. Spencer


BET 106 & Park’s Miss Mykie paid a special visit to the students of Gregory-Lincoln Education Center today!. Located in the heart of Houston’s Fourth Ward community, Miss Mykie served as the schools Theatre Arts teacher before being selected out of thousands to be one of the hosts of the popular Urban video show. She said, “I am so excited to come back and visit my former students!!”.

I think that her visit was very impactful to the students of Gregory Lincoln education center. Her rise to fame is a great example of how you can achieve anything that you set your mind to. With hard work and perseverance there is nothing that young African Americans cannot achieve!

Thanks Miss Mykie!

You are truly a Black Girl Who Rocks!!!!

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